JBL PhosEX Ultra Phosphates Remover 340g

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JBL 6254100
  • Removal of phosphate from aquariums
  • Insoluble iron compound
  • For fresh and saltwater

Filter material for the removal of phosphate from aquarium water

Clean and healthy water

Plant and food remains and metabolic substances lead to a deterioration of the quality of the water in the aquarium. Good water quality is necessary for healthy fish and plants. This can be achieved with various filters and filter materials. The filters suck in the aquarium water and remove the pollution and waste materials with the filter material from the water.


Removal of phosphate from aquariums: filter material for the use in aquarium filters

Insoluble iron compound; no release of any substances into the water

For fresh and saltwater: 340 g for the permanent binding of 18,000 mg phosphate.

To use: fill filter material into universal bag and place it in the aquarium

Package contents: PhosEx ultra 340 g, incl. net bag, clip

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