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Returns & Replacements

Please DO NOT send back any orders unless specifically requested to do so by Returning shipments does not guarantee a refund. We take great pride in offering our customers healthy specimens. We want our customers to feel confident by offering a 7-Day Arrive Alive, and Remain Alive Guarantee*** 

***Some species are exempt, please exemptions below

Terms and Conditions:

  • Please read 'Terms and Conditions' and 'Exempt Species List' carefully as there will be no exceptions.
  • Please do not ship deceased specimens without our consent.
  • Please do not discard specimens without our consent as this will void our guarantee.
  • Please freeze deceased specimens while you wait for return authorization as described below.
  • If your deceased animal goes 'missing' or gets 'eaten', we will not provide a refund. Many missing animals are hiding and are not deceased. It is your responsibility to provide proof of the deceased specimen.
  • 7-Day Guarantee begins on the initial delivery date.
  • Customer must sign for package on the first delivery attempt -- even if the delivery service provider is late.
  • Customer must follow all acclimating procedures.
  • Tank’s water chemistry must be within the following parameters:
    - Temperature – between 75°- 83° F and constant
    - Ammonia – 0.0 ppm
    - Nitrite – 0.0 ppm
    - Nitrate – 0.0-30 ppm
    - pH – 8.1-8.4 
    - Specific gravity – 1.020-1.025 (Fish Only) & 1.023 - 1.025 (Coral, Invertebrates, Plants)
  • We will not be responsible for livestock that has died as a result of being harassed or picked on by other fish.
  • Specimen must be returned with a return authorization number according to directions below.
  • We will not issue refunds or credit for shipping costs.
  • Guarantee applies to online orders only.

Exempt Species:

The exempt species listed below have special needs that must be met if they are to be kept in an aquarium. Water quality and careful acclimation are particularly important for these species. Many of them also have special dietary needs and require careful attention to feeding. While we still guarantee that they will arrive alive and in optimal health, we cannot guarantee these species after arrival. We recommend that only experienced hobbyists or public aquariums purchase these species.

The fish and invertebrates listed in red below have the ability to secrete toxins, when stressed and/or upon death, that may kill other fish in the aquarium. Careful attention must be paid to these species to alleviate sources of stress. If these specimens become sick, remove them immediately to a separate holding tank. AquaNexus is not responsible for any losses that occur if one of these species poisons the aquarium.

The following fish, invertebrates and corals are exempt from our 7-Day Guarantee:

Full Size Angels
All Species

Longhorn Cowfish
Yellow Boxfish
Blue Boxfish 
Spotted Boxfish 
Thornback Cowfish

Maldives Anemonefish

Blue Reef Chromis

Leaflip Grouper

Oriental Sweetlips

Sharks & Stingrays
All Items

Achilles Tang
Clown Tang
Powder Blue Tang

Labouti Wrasse
Leopard Wrasse
Green Wrasse
Red Coris Wrasse
Yellowtail Coris
Twin Spot Wrasse Juvenile

Misc Fish
Flashlight Fish

Sebae Anemone
Carpet Anemones (All)
Ritteri Anemone
Long Tentacle Anemone

Soft Corals
Carnation Coral
Spaghetti Leather Coral

Sea Cucumbers
Sea Apples (All)

All Items

Steps necessary to receive refund or credit:

  • Call customer service within 12 hours to report loss. Be sure to include name, number, and message.
  • Take a digital picture in jpeg or gif format and email to Be sure to include your full name or ticket number in the email, name of the item lost, and picture.
  • We will call or email you to let you know on the status. We do not issue credit or refunds for shipping costs.